Perry County Community Task Force

Helping today's youth become tomorrow's leaders

YAP was started in November 2004 in an effort to help youth be successful with life changes.  Youth have an increased rate of success when they receive support and encouragement from their families.  Youth of all ages are encouraged to attend if their parents are also in attendance.  Parents and youth are involved in determining the topics to be addressed.  Only the youth and parents themselves know what they need assistance with, therefore they are given the opportunity to express these needs. Information is shared at each activity.  This information includes topics such as:

            Personality Types                    Anger Management
        Balancing Responsibilities                    Bullying
      Understanding ADD, LD, etc.            Sibling Rivalry
            Positive Discipline              Creating Family Traditions
      Raising Responsible Youth              Stress Management
              Communication               Healthy Eating & Activities

Monthly activities are held for the families to participate in.  Parent information/education topics are shared at the monthly activities.  All activities are free of charge.

Be sure to call us at 547-1292 to RSVP for any activity you and your family plan to attend.

Youth and Parents (YAP)