Perry County Community Task Force

Helping today's youth become tomorrow's leaders

Do you know a child who would benefit from having a mentor?

There are many benefits to have a mentor!

With a mentor you will:

  • Have a caring adult friend outside the family.
  • Have someone you can talk to who will listen.
  • Receive guidance, friendship, and helpful advice.
  • Have help in decision making and reaching goals.
  • Meet 1 hour a week.
  • Do fun and helpful activities.

CHAMPS Mentoring

The CHAMPS Mentoring Program for in-school (grades K-12) Perry County youth was established in 1999.  This program allows adult volunteers, who have successfully completed a background check and mentor training, to offer support and guidance to youth on a weekly basis.  During this time the volunteers are encouraged to help build the youth's self-esteem, and help them make educated decisions about their future.  To promote healthy, fun interaction between the youth and mentor, the CHAMPS Program has supplied passes to Knights of Columbus Bowling Center and the Perry Park Center.  Other opportunities include crafting, culinary arts, and life skills training.  Youth and mentors are involved in activities which provide service to others, such as the Fall Leaf Raking Project and the Summer Service Project.  During the Fall Leaf Raking Project, the youth and their mentors rake the yards of the elderly or disabled.  During the Summer Service Project, the youth and their mentors participate in a service project that allows them to give back to the Perry County community.  These projects provide both youth and mentors with the pride and satisfaction of helping others less fortunate than themselves.

There are many benefits to being a mentor!

As a mentor you will be:

  • Helping a child reach his or her full potential.
  • Passing on what you received from role models in your past.
  • Sharing an hour a week to encourage a child to believe in himself or herself.
  • Bettering your community.
  • Receiving training and support of other mentors.

There are even benefits for parents!

With a mentor you can expect:

  • Increased chance for your child's success.
  • Additional emotional support for your child.
  • Help in making the child as successful as he or she can be.
  • An additional positive caring adult role model.
  • Encouragement of positive behavior for the young person.
(Communities Helping Adolescents Mature Positively & Successfully)