Perry County Community Task Force

Helping today's youth become tomorrow's leaders

Jennifer Elder
Program Coordinator

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science in Education and her Master of Art in Educational Technology from Southeast Missouri State University.  Born and raised in Perryville, Jennifer decided to settle down here with her own family and pursue her passion for working with children.  In 2013, she joined the staff of the PCCTF.  In her role as Program Coordinator, Jennifer is involved in all of the programs at the Task Force.  Her primary focus is the D.E.F.Y. program, in which she uses her education background to go into all of the area schools and share the prevention message.  Jennifer loves being able to work with the youth in her community and connect with them as both a friend and mentor.  

Jessica Mahathath
Assistant Director
"Live life to the fullest and make a difference along the way" is a motto Jessica strives to live by.  Jessica received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Southeast Missouri State University in 2007 with the passion to change the world.  She worked hard to improve the lives of the people in her hometown and across the world by working first as a Crisis Advocate at the Regional Family Crisis Center, than as a Youth Specialist at the Division of Youth Services.  Jessica volunteers much of her time with charities and organizations that focus on helping those in need, participating in mission trips and making the world a more positive place to live.  Jessica has been employeed with the Perry County Community Task Forced since 2010, working with families to improve communication skills and strengthen family ties.  She is also involved in all parent/youth activities provided by the Perry County Community Task Force and works extensively with the HALO program and Girls' Circle.

Whitney Hemman
Program Coordinator

Whitney received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Southeast Missouri State University in 2011. She then took a position at United in Christ Lutheran School as the first and second grade teacher where she stayed until 2019. In the fall of 2019 she started at the PCCTF as a Program Coordinator. It has been a great opportunity for her to be able to still work with children but to also have time to spend with her own little family of three. Whitney has always had a passion for working with children and believes that every child is worth the work that it takes to make them into a great leader. She believes that every child can be inspired and can become a part of the greater society. She loves to share her life experiences with children and really loves to meet them where they are and encourage them to not be afraid to grow from their failures. Her ultimate goal is to let each child know that they are worth it. No matter where they come from or where they are going we are here for them as a support system. She looks forward to seeing great things happen when our community works together.  

Mission Statement
Develop a monitored plan of action and facilitate the implementation of
various strategic for a healthy and safe community.

Vision Statement
A community that includes a comprehensive and pro-active approach
to family and child well being.

Brandie Mantz

Brandie received her Bachelor of Science in Health Science (with an emphasis in Community Health) from Truman State University in 2004.  Brandie is a native of Perryville and always aspired to come back and work with the youth in her hometown.  She joined the organization in 2006, and became Director in 2015.  As the Director, Brandie is involved in all programs provided by the Perry County Community Task Force.   She helps lead and guide the programs to be sure they are meeting the needs of the community.  Brandie loves working with the youth, interacting with them, and helping them to lead successful lives.  She likes becoming a friend and confidant to teens and guiding them through any problems or issues they face.