Perry County Community Task Force

Helping today's youth become tomorrow's leaders

What is Mentoring?
CHAMPS Mentoring is a free program in which a caring adult meets with a youth to:
        - Encourage that youth to believe in himself or herself.
        - Help that child reach his/her full potential.
        - Pass on what the mentor received from the positive role models in his/her             past.
        - Spend time with a child by going to the Park Center, crafting, bowling, etc.

Why is Official Mentoring Needed?
    - Peer Pressure
    - Substance Abuse
    - Broken Homes
    - Fewer Consequences
    - Less Discipline
    - More High-Risk Behaviors

Mentor Responsibilities:
    - Attend one training/orientation session
    - Undergo background check
    - Attend weekly 1 hour mentoring sessions (during the school year)
    - Maintain commitment, consistency, and confidentiality
    - Believe in the positive potential of a child
    - Give guidance/direction when appropriate
    - Maintain contact with CHAMPS staff
    - HAVE FUN

Benefits to the Mentor:
    - Enhanced self-image by being helpful to youth
    - Satisfaction of enriching a child's life by helping him/her reach full potential
    - Increased patience and feelings of accomplishment and effectiveness
    - Insight on the life of a youth
    - Satisfaction of bettering the community
    - Training and support of other mentors
Mentors' Choices:
    - Age of the youth they wish to mentor
    - In which school they wish to mentor
    - Day of the week they wish to mentor
    - Matching of their talents
 to the specific needs of the child

Mentor trainings are scheduled on a regular basis.  For the next available training, contact the Perry County Community Task Force at 573.547.1292