Perry County Community Task Force

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Lessons Cover in D.E.F.Y.

Drug Abuse and Violence
Making Decisions
Media Influences
Coping with Anxiety
Coping with Anger
Communication Skills
Social Skills
Resolving Conflict
Resisting Peer Pressure

In 2007 a lifeSkills prevention program was started and offered to all schools in Perry County.  This program is currently known as the D.E.F.Y. (Drug Education For Youth) Program. D.E.F.Y. uses an evidence-based curriculum providing students with knowledge and skills to: think clearly and make informed decisions concerning substance use; cope with pressure from the media; manage anxiety; handle social situations; resist peer pressure; and have the self-confidence to say NO to alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.

In 2008 the SOS, Signs of Suicide Program was added to the presentations.  The SOS Program is presented in seventh and tenth grades.

The D.E.F.Y. lessons are delivered in the classrooms. The number of sessions depends on the grade and request of the schools.  Currently offered are four sessions for seventh grade, a 12-week program for eighth graders, a 7-week program for ninth graders, and four sessions for tenth graders.