Perry County Community Task Force

Helping today's youth become tomorrow's leaders

Through HALO children:
- acquire a strengthened sense of self
- learn to say "no" to things that are harmful
- learn to recognize, label, and express feelings in appropriate ways
- practice communication skills
- obtain information about the harmful effects of tobacco and drugs
- learn safety precautions for medicines
- practice techniques to reduce stress
- increase acceptance of cultural diversity

Family Connections, a newsletter to explain each lesson, is sent to the families of youth in HALO each week.

Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones


Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones (HALO) started in 2013.  This is an evidence-based, developmentally-appropriate health education and prevention program for 4-6 year-old children.  the 15-week program is designed to strengthen protective factors and reduce risk factors by helping children develop resiliency skills: self-discipline, problem-solving strategies, and tolerance of people and situations different from their own.  It is available for preschools, daycares, and kindergarten classes in Perry County and sessions are held at their sits.