Perry County Community Task Force

Helping today's youth become tomorrow's leaders

In 2001 the Perry County Community Task Force was expanded to offer services to youth who have dropped out of school.  The focus of this group is to give support and guidance by helping youth believe in themselves, set goals, complete their education, learn soft skills to get a job, and acquire the people skills to move forward in employment and life.  This program has expanded to also work with those who are still in school.

The benefits of attending the Out-of-School Program:
    - learn skills to improve your life
    - learn about career options
    - improve your job readiness (interview skills, resume, etc.)
    - plan for a successful future
    - do fun and helpful activities
    - have a support group
    - help in identifying your dream
    - evaluation of your interests and abilities
    - practical assistance to reach your goal
    - people skills
    - information on resources
    - connection with job opportunities

Out of School